Floor Planer

Floor Planer



  • Working Width: 195 mm
  • Cut up to 3 mm concrete per run
  • Options: Electric Motor or Petrol Engines
  • Noise level: 90 dBA
  • Vibration level: 10.3 m/s2
  • Side Clearance: 50mm
  • Depth control adjuster – Improves performance and cutter durability




  • T320-1020ST  Tungsten Carbide  Drum Assembly
  • T320.1020SB  Beam Cutter Drum Assembly
  • T320.1020SS Star Cutter Drum Assembly

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Cutter

Part No. T320.5500


  • Inserted with tungsten carbide tips
  • Effective for concrete planing, removal of road markings & floor coatings

Beam Cutter

Part No. T320.5120

  • Hardened alloy steel cutter
  • Effective for removal of old paint, coatings and deposits from concrete and steel floors
Star Cutter

Part No. T320.3658

  • Heat treated steel cutters
  • Effective for removal paint coatings & laitance from new coatings.
  • Can be used for removal of built-up of grease, dirt, sticky coatings and ice deposits


  • T320.9620  Twisted Wire Brush Drum Assembly
  • T320.9610  Crimped Wire Brush Drum Assembly

Twisted Wire Brush

Part No. T320.9622

  • Effective in removal of floor stains and coatings and rust on flat steel surface

Crimped Wire Brush

Part No. T320.9612

  • For general cleaning and removal of light surface rust

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