Metal Core Drilling Machine – Alfra Rotabest

Metal Core Drilling Machine – Alfra Rotabest



Good reasons to decide on ALFRA Rotabest

  1. Magnetic Base Clamp has 3 coils (other standard 2 coils) and coupled with new M.P.I. Magnet System (MPI), which electronically increases magnetic adhesion at the start of the drilling operation, where strongest adhesion is required (for an even higher protection of user and tool).
  2. Powerful Motors with high torques and a range from 1,100 to 2,500W ergonomic design, perfect technology.
  3. Oil-bath Gear Box
  4. Soft-touch Grip, Low-vibration – with optimum secure grip (even with oil-coated gloves).
  5. Pressed-in brass rings for an improved protection of the magnet coils.
  6. Continuously adjustable motor on the slide for a maximum stroke enlargement, when using twist drills, drill chucks and tapping attachments.
  7. Durable Keyboard with flat cable. Panel slopingly arranged, directly in sight of the user. To feel for the ON/OFF-switch has come to an end. Easy access to keyboard, even in narrow U-beams and H-beams.
  8. Newly Designed gear housing with integrated motor support. With built-in height adjustment by means of clamping jaws – there is no better fixing device.
  9. Trouble with ordinary dovetail or pillar guides? Solid Brass guide rails guarantee an optimum slide guidance
  10. The heart of the Magnetic Drilling Machines: Robust electronic switch units, interchangeable between Model RB 35SP,RB 50SP, 40 RL-E, 60 RL-E and 100 RL-E.


Rotabest 60 RL-E

Rotabest 100 RL-E

Rotabest V32
Rotabest RB 35SP



ALFRA ROTABEST® – HSS-Co-Eco Cutters with Weldon Shank

High cutting performance toothing with

1. Pre-cutter

2. Post-cutter

• With Weldon Shank 19.0 mm, 2 clamping surfaces

• Available in cutting depths of 30mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 110mm

• Available in cutting diameters from 12mm to 60mm

• Internal bore: 6.35mm

• Steel quality: Special high-capacity speed steel, cobalt

• Ground section: High performance toothing with pre-cutter and post cutter

ALFRA ROTABEST® – TCT Cutters with Weldon Shank 19.0mm

Ejector Pins

ALFRA “Chip-breaker system”

1. Pre-cutter

2. Middle-cutter

3. Post-cutter

• With Weldon Shank 19.0mm

• Internal bore: ø 14-17mm = 6.35mm, ø18-50mm = 8.0mm

• Perfectly suitable for wear intensive applications

• Available in cutting depths of 35mm and 50mm

• Available in cutting diameter from 14mm to 100mm


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