Jumbozeca Portable Exhaust Gas Extractor 673

Jumbozeca Portable Exhaust Gas Extractor 673



Allow the mechanic to work on the vehicle with the engine running without causing air pollution.

Powered by: 220 Volt Engine (50Hz)

Protection Degree: IP54

Supplied with: 10m Power Cable (3 x 1.5mm2)

Delivered with: 6m plasticised heat-resistant (130oC) ducting hose (120mm diameter)

Capacity: 410m3/h

Length Outlet Hose: 30m (max)

Height Outlet Hose: 12m (max)

Special Features:

• Easy to adjust height and suction setting

• Its quick fit collar allows easy disconnection when moving from one location to another.

Art. 678 – Additional Ducting Hose (6 metres)

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