Hydraflex (Water Jet)

Hydraflex (Water Jet)




One-man operation to clean residue, loose paint, flaking rust and other substances from ships holds.


  • Specially designed as a means of washing ship’s cargo holds between cargo & differing commodities.
  • Compressed air forces water into a powerful jet.
  • Produces a jet of up to 30 meters sufficient for most large bulk carriers.
  • Simple to set-up and easy to operate.
  • Tripod base kit for operator stability.

Effective Range: 30 metre

Solid Stainless Steel Nozzle designed for durability that increases power of water jetting.

Standard kit includes:-

1. Gun (342.HY01)

2. Tripod (342.HY02)

3. Water Hose Coupling 2” (342.HY04)

4. Instantaneous Water Hose Adapter (342.HY05)


ISSA Code: 55.085.01

IMPA Code: 59 07 42

Model Variants Comparison

Water Pressure Air Pressure Air Consumption Air Hose Water Hose Total Weight Gun (weight/length) Tripod (weight/length) Water Consumption
85 psi 100 psi 2 m3/min 3/4” 2” 15 kg 5.6kg / 740mm 9.4kg / 1400mm 485 L/min /
110 gal/min

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