Flap Wheel with Shank
Finishing Wheel
Flap Wheel
CNS Black Disc

For removal of rust, grinding of metal surface prior seams welding

Sizes (mm) : ø 100 x 10 (w) x 16 (ID) Max RPM: 13,700

*Available in threaded lock

Sanding Disk

Sanding Paper disc of excellent performance on most surface with consistent quality finishing

Grits : P16 to P400

Diameter Sizes (in) : 5, 6, 7

Available in : 5 holes, 6 holes, stick it/pressure sensitive adhesive or Velcro backing types

Sanding Belt Cloth

Cloth backed abrasive belt for different contours, materials and surface preparation

Grits : P24 to P600

Available in : Alum Oxide & Zirconia

Sizes (mm) : 10 x 330, 12 x 305, 20 x 460, 20 x 520

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