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The Hycon HH-Series is the result of the strongest and most modern design on the market. our hydraulic quality breakers have practically only two moving parts, and this ensures minimum wear and consequently much lower operating costs.


The Hycon HH-Series is equipped with the world’s best vibration-dampening system as standard, the Hycon Proline handle. This handle gives unique operator comfort with a vibration level as low as 4.8 m/s2 (HH20RV), and the breaker can therefore be used efficiently 8 hours per day (ec-directive of 1 July 2005).


The reliability, the sturdy design and the supreme component quality of the Hycon HH-Series means long life under extreme working conditions!

Why using Hydraulic Breaker can increase your PRODUCTIVITY? - Reduce Cost & your Manpower
  • More powerful - against electric and Pneumatic Breakers
  • Lighter in weight - Ease of Handling
  • Low Noise - Reduce Noise Pollution
  • Moving parts are self-lubricated - Low maintenance cost
  • Save money and manpower - Higher productivity
  • Can be used in harsh conditions - e.g. In the rain



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