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The PPT range of hand scarifiers utilise the 3MTM brand of RotopeenTM ‘ C ’ flaps to offer a captive shot method of surface preparation. Used with the range of Trelawny TVS dust collectors, the PPT will remove hazardous materials such as lead based paints and contaminated particles rapidly and dust free.



A range of steel and concrete substrates can be cleaned and prepared to provide a keyed surface using these high production tools.

Ideal for the removal of:

• Alkyds

• Mastics

• Epoxies

• Adhesives

• Lead based paints

• Coatings corrosion

• Abatement projects

Application of the Trelawny Handheld scarifiers

Air/Electric Vacuum System

Series K is ATEX approved for Gas Zone 1 & Dust

Zone 21 under Category 2 of the ATEX Directive.


Heavy Scaling

Light Burnishing

Star cutter

Aggressive removal of thick coatings

Part No. 312.S200

Beam cutter

Removal of hard coatings, less aggressive than star

Part No. 312.R200

3MTM Heavy Duty RotopeenTM ‘C’ Type Flap

Removal of light paint and rust to a bare metal finish

Part No. 312.MRPC

Part No.  Cutting Width  Cutting Media  Power  Weight (kg)  RPM  Air Cons. (m3/min)  Vibration level Aeq (m/s2) 
50mm  100mm  ‘C’ Flaps  Star Cutters 
194.0405         Air  4.89 2,700 0.85 4.5
194.C405          Air  6.47 2,700 0.85 4.6



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