Star Liftket is part of the continuous development of Hoffmann Fordertechnik GmbH to further improve the performance of Liftket Hoist.


Star LiftKet incorporates a modular motor system which is fan-cooled and very suitable for hot tropical climate, providing that longer working duty cycle.


We can design, build, supply, install, PE Testing and MOM Certification to meet your hoisting requirements. Call us for estimates without any obligation.


Types of Electric Hoist

1. 2-speed: Lifting and Lowering

2. 1-speed: Lifting and Lowering


Types of Hoist Suspension

1. 2-Speed Electric Trolley

2. 1-Speed Electric Trolley

3. Push Trolley (Manual)

4. Top Hook

5. Eye Bracket




15 Reasons why we choose STAR Liftket Hoists

1. Quality: Made in Germany

2. High Duty rate for our tropical climate

3. Protection Class IP55 / Insulation Class F

4. Fan Cooled motor with cooling ribs

5. Module Concept Design-Easy Maintenance with easy access without special tools

6. Best quality material for all parts – R&D and test procedure to improve parts life cycle to exceed FEM requirements

7. Higher safety factor with new patented Clutch-Brake System

8. Modern Design and Shape: Compact and low head, with lightweight aluminium housing

9. Easy, Fast and safe (patented solution) to change from single to double fall

10. Variable power supply voltage and frequency

11. Limit Switch & Emergency Button protection

12. Low voltage 24V pendant controller

13. Thermal Relay Switch to protect your motor

14. Two-pin locking hoist to trolley for more stability

15. Swivel Hooks with Safety Latch

3 Simple Steps to select your STAR Liftket Hoists to meet your requirements.

Step 1:

Determine your actual maximum load requirement and select from the first column. There is no need to give any extra load allowance as hoists capacity is the actual Safe Working Load (SWL) i.e. tested with the 25% overloading.

Step 2:

Confirm whether you need one or two speeds operation for lifting and lowering. Two speed hoists are recommended for handling of impact sensitive loads.

Step 3:

What type of suspension method is required, e.g. Top Hook, suspension, eye (bracket), electric trolley, etc...

ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST - 415V 3ph 50Hz (440V 3ph 60Hz on request)



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