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Air Chain Hoist





Advantages in TOKU Air Hoist

1. Steel alloy housing for durability and safety.

2. Automatic built-in positive air disc brake.

3. Spring assisted rotor blades for variable speed operations – i.e. smooth start and stop for lowering and lifting operations.

4. Built-in silencer for low noise -75 or 85 dBA at 1.0 m distance.

5. Upper and lower limit switches

6. Built-in load limiters for 500 kg to 6,000 kg

7. Continuous duty air motor.

8. Both Pull Cord & Pilot Pendant controls

9. Compact design (low head room) and light weight.


Other options

a. Trolley-Air operated or manual available to meet your needs.

b. Spark proof design (optional) – available on request.

c. Chain Bag (optional) – available on request.

Type of Control

Specifications: Air Pressure 6kg/cm2

High Speed Type

Note: Recommended operating air pressure 5 – 7 kg/cm2

Standard lifting height is 3.0m (additional lifting height by request is optional) except for TMM-140A & TCR-250M are 2.0m Chain container available on request (optional) Pendant Control with Emergency Button (PE) available on request.



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