At Entrepot Marketing, we pride ourselves by providing the Quality Package to our valued customer.




We provide quality power tools and their accessories general hardware for different industries such as Construction, Marines, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and others.




We have a dedicated Inventory Control Team to ensure optimum level of inventories, which include a comprehensive stock of operational spare parts and accessories to ensure smooth and fast services delivery to our customers.


After sales service


We do not stop at selling products to our customer.  We provide after sales service, which include servicing and repairing of our products. We are committed to the ever-changing demand from our business. If you have any feedback and suggestion on our product or service, please do let us know how we can change to be better.



Quality Management System


Since 1996, Entrepot Marketing has been accredited with ISO-9001 Quality Management System to maintain and continue to improve on our quality standards.






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