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Why Jopla plastic couplers are better?

1. Weight is about 1/3 of metal type

2. NO RUST - Corrosion resistant

3. Easy Operation - push - connect & Pull - disconnect

4. Impact resistant - strong as metal couplers. Very high durability plastic material.

5. Can be used on other Japanese metal couplers.

6. Maximum Air Flow - Valve design system

7. Plastic prevent sparks in flammable atmosphere

Jopla couplers are about 1⁄3 the weight of metal couplers lighter weight will reduce operator’s tiredness and increase productivity.


Once touch - Jopla couplers coupled and uncoupled easily.

JOPLASTAR Air Duster & Accessories

TD-30HN - JoplaStar Air Duster is suitable for many applications such as blow drying, cooling and cleaning by air flow.


Reasons why we choose JoplaStar

  • Full Trigger reduces operator’s fingers fatigue
  • Flow controller knob
  • Complete with 140mm nozzle for precise flow direction



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